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Victorian Langston is Magical Inside and Out

5th May, 2014 | Filed under Blog, House Plan of the Week

Cottage House Plan, Victorian House Plan, Langston 42-027

If the Langston looks magical to you, you’re not alone. The steep roof and gingerbread trim on this Victorian cottage evokes thoughts of fairytales.

This cottage home offers more than 1500 sq. ft. of living area on three levels, although its presence is small. The dining area, an expansive vaulted living room and kitchen are around the main floor. The owners’ suite is upstairs, along with a large storage area and a wide balcony overlooking the living room. The utility room is in the basement, which support another bedroom.

Diamond-shaped gridding accents the arched window in the front door. A slender, likewise gridded window nestles under a small street-facing gable. This tiny gable echoes the attention-getting two-story A-shaped gable next to it.

That magical fairy tale feeling continues inside. The family room is vaulted towards the second floor ceiling. To the left, day light washes in via a two-story collection of multipaned windows topped by mirror-image quarter rounds. More light beams in through the gridded glass inside the small front gable. A plant shelf below it takes advantage of the light.

Flames in the masonry fireplace serve as a cozy center point when the sky dims and darkens. With the exception of the pass-through in front of its sink, the kitchen is a separate space. An arched opening links it into a dining area with a windowed bench alcove. Basement stairs are off of the kitchen, while stairs to the second floor angle up behind the fireplace.

Upstairs, the owners’ bedroom is expanded by a window bay crowned by a half-round and creates a cozy window seat. Inner shutters can be opened or closed, allowing the Langston’s owners to overlook their living room, or opt for privacy.

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