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Home Plan Columns

Home Plan Columns

Associated Designs offers FREE home plan columns for publication, featuring a different home design each week. Our artwork is clean and attractive, and conforms to standard newspaper styles. Over 800 newspapers across the US and Canada publish our columns.

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Custom Column Scheduler

Associated Designs now gives you the ability to publish just the plan columns you choose, and plug them into your schedule as you see fit. For instance, if only a certain style or size of home is appropriate for your readers, you can select just those plan columns and schedule them into your available run dates. Or, if you're running a special feature, say on swimming pools, you can find a plan column that includes a pool and run it in the same issue.

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Home Plan Weekly

Associated Designs launched HomePlanWeekly as a more compact alternative to our full-feature home plan column. It was created in response to editors who told us that finding space for our standard column was sometimes challenging. HomePlanWeekly doesn't replace our regular column, but it does offer editors another format for use when space is tight.

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