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We at Associated Designs thank you for your interest in our home plans. Purchasing a pre-designed plan can be practical and economical. All plans on our website have been developed with the utmost commitment to quality, accuracy and usefulness. Following is a description of the products and plans packages we offer, as well as details of our ordering and privacy policies.

Associated Designs Home Plans Collection

More than 550 of Associated Designs best home plans are bound together in this attractive paperback book. Each plan includes the floor plans, basic specifications, and an artist's drawing of the finished home. The Home Plans Collection is only $15 (plus shipping). It can be ordered online or by phone, fax or mail. Order the Home Plans Collection today!

Plan Packages and Options

Full blueprint sets are available for all home designs. Once you've decided on a design you want, order the plans package that best suits your needs. Prices and Policies are listed below, as well as a description of what's in each Blueprint Set. To search our plans library, click Find a Plan. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

  • 1-Set Study Package: A single set. Ideal for personal study and initial reviews. With the one set, your contractor can provide more firm quotes for construction. Single-set plans are marked Not For Construction. This package can be upgraded to any licensed construction package within one year of purchase. (1 set price less 20% towards the upgrade)

  • 5-Set Construction Package: 5 sets of prints allow you to provide plans to the building department, mortgage lender, and subcontractors. This package is the minimum package available to obtain a license agreement to construct the home.

  • 8-Set Construction Package: 8 sets of prints allow you to provide plans to the building departments, mortgage lender, subcontractors, and so on.

  • Additional Sets: Additional sets of your plans are available at a reduced price if they are ordered within 90 days of your original order.

  • PDF Masters via Email: Save Time, Gas, Money, and a Tree! With PDF Masters there is no expensive shipping cost, AND saves valuable time. Rather than drive around delivering blueprints, PDF files make it easy to email plans to truss manufacturers, lumberyards, and subcontractors. They are ideal for Building Departments who accept electronic submissions for permitting. Email your files along with the copyright release to your local print shop, print the exact number of sets you need.

  • Electronic Master: An electronic version of the plan on CD, or can be email. Professionals using compatible design software will be able to modify and reproduce plans.

  • Right Reading Reverse Sets: A full reverse of the plan with text reading correctly.

  • Multi-Use License: This unlimited use license along with the purchase of any reproducible package is for the builder who wishes to construct a design more than once.

Plan Modifications

Any plan may be modified to suit your wishes. Modifications may include reversing a plan, changing windows or doors, moving walls, or adding a basement or larger garage. See Customize Your Plan.

Guaranteed: 110% Lowest Price

Ordering your plans direct from the designer can help you avoid frustrating time delays. When you buy from a middle man, waiting 24 hours or more for your plan or construction questions to be relayed and answered is not unusual. But when you buy direct from Associated Designs, knowledgeable people can answer your questions immediately.

Associated Designs, will guarantee the lowest price by 110%. If you find one of our plans on another website or publications released within the last 12 months, we'll do better than matching the price for the same package. We'll give it to you for 10% less!

Simply call us at 800-634-0123 and provide us with the website or publication information when placing your order. Once pricing is verified, your plans will be shipped.


Plan package orders are shipped within one business day of receipt of your order. For any reason your package will be delayed, we will contact you with an anticipated shipping date.

For our plan packages we offer 3 shipping options:

  • Standard (5-8 business days) $20.00
  • Priority (3-5 business days) $45.00
  • Expedited (1-2 business days) $80.00
  • Outside Continental US by quote

International shipping rates vary. If you are placing an international order, we will contact you with the shipping rate after your order has been placed.

After your order has been placed, the tracking number will be emailed you enabling you to track your package progress and see when you can expect delivery.

Returns and Exchanges

Blueprints are printed in response to your order, so we cannot accept returns. However, you may exchange your entire blueprint order for an 80% credit toward a new order. Reproducible Masters, PDF Masters, and Electronic Masters may not be returned or exchanged.

What's in a Plan Set

Each plan set is drawn at 1/4"=1' scale and includes the following drawings:

Artist's Rendering

An artist's drawing of the home, usually viewed from the front, and general construction notes.

What's In a Plan Set - Artist's Rendering


Shows the front, sides, and rear, including exterior materials, trim sizes, roof pitches, etc.

What's In a Plan Set - Elevations

Main Floor Plan

Shows placement and dimensions of walls, doors, & windows. Includes the location of appliances, plumbing fixtures, beams, ceiling heights, etc.

Second Floor Plan (if any)

Shows the second floor in the same detail as the main floor. Includes second floor framing and details.

What's In a Plan Set - Floor Plan

Foundation Plan

Shows the location of all concrete footings, floor beams, first floor framing, and foundation details. If there is a basement, a basement plan is included which shows all basement details. Foundation types vary; please call to confirm the foundation type of the plan you are interested in.

What's In a Plan Set - Foundation Plan

Floor Framing Plan (if any)

Shows location and spacing of floor joists and supporting walls or beams.

What's In a Plan Set - Floor Framing

Roof Framing Plan

Shows roof outlines, conventional framing/trusses, beams, roof framing details, etc. Specific details such as fireplaces, stairways, decks, etc. Details are drawn at 1/2" = 1' scale, and appear as needed throughout the prints.

What's In a Plan Set - Roof Framing


Shows a cross-section of the home. Shows support members, exterior and interior materials, insulation, and foundation.

What's In a Plan Set - Sections

Electrical Plan

A schematic layout of all lighting, switches and electrical outlets.

What's In a Plan Set - Electrical Plan

Important: Plans with the "Guest Designer" label may not include all pages described above. Featured guest designers have different drafting styles, therefore construction drawing layouts and content will vary according to the region from which they originate.


We authorize the use of our prints for the construction of one (1) residence on the express condition that you strictly comply with all local building codes and other applicable laws. All plans are copyrighted and cannot be copied without a copyright release.

All drawings are produced on a computer with the utmost attention to detail. Plans by guest designers may be drawn in a style preferred in their region.

Plans specify sizes for doors, windows, fixtures, and so on, but we do not specify any manufacturer's products. The owner and builder may make product selections based on taste, budget, and availability.

Our plans do not include an estimate of the cost to build, because costs vary widely by region and season. To estimate the cost of building a plan in your area before you purchase the plans, we recommend you purchase a 1-Set Study Package, which provides enough information for your builder to estimate building costs.

Materials list are available for purchase on a limited number of our plans, and available by quote if one is not readily available. The materials list are created to prescribe to industry standards, and is intended as a technical guide and not as step by step instructions. Availability can be found on a plan detail page, or inquire by calling 800-634-0123.

Our plans are drawn to meet or exceed national building codes in effect at the time and place they were drawn. Codes may include the IRC (International Residential Code), CABO (Council of American Building Officials) and /or UBC (Uniform Building Code). However, each state, county and municipality has its own building codes, zoning requirements, ordinances and building regulations. Your plan may need to be modified to comply with local requirements regarding snow loads, energy codes, soil and seismic conditions, and a wide range of other concerns. You may also need to obtain permits and inspections from local governments before and during construction. We strongly recommend that you consult with a building designer and/or licensed engineer, as well as your local building code official, before applying for permits or beginning construction.

Because we have no control over your construction process, we cannot make any warranty, express or implied, with respect to the content or use of our plans, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability or of fitness for any particular purpose.

Plans are NOT returnable:

Plans are printed in response to your order, we cannot accept returns. You may upgrade or exchange your order for an 80% credit towards your new order. No returns or exchanges on Reproducible Masters, PDF Masters, or Electronic Masters.

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