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December 2008

Associated Designs gets "Greener"

2nd Dec, 2008 | Filed under Announcements, Articles, Blog

While we will miss the sentimental value of our good old blueprint machine, the fact is it was not very friendly when it came to the environment. The chemically treated paper was not recyclable and the ammonia based development process was smelly.

With the addition of a new large format digital printer we now print on paper that is 100% recyclable. We are even starting with recycled paper which uses 30% post consumer fiber, is SFI (sustainable forestry initiative) certified and is acid free. The new printer is also a copier and scanner, so if you need copies up to 36" wide and 500' long we can do that. We can also scan and create electronic files of your plans.

In addition to greening up our printing process we are working on switching to a digital plan development process, which will substantially reduce paper consumption within our office. Most of our clients now are reviewing the early preliminary plans via email. (It's still a good idea to review the final stages of the design development using large format, scaled prints.)

Also, a number of the companies that are involved in the plan development are joining the "paperless" process. Engineers, truss manufactures, lumber yards, and a ever expanding number of contractors and trades people are now receiving plans electronically.

We welcome any ideas as to how we can continue to work toward being the most environmentally friendly design firm we can be.

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