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August 2010

Photos of Completed Guest Cottage 30-727

31st Aug, 2010 | Filed under Blog, Constructed Home Plans

Guest Cottage 30-727

This delightful small house plan, makes a relaxing stay for friends and family. Enter through the double doors to the great room with a wood stove in the corner. Towards the rear of the cottage is a kitchenette, perfect for allowing guest to make there own snacks and lunches if they would like. There is also a full bathroom. Ladders on both sides of the great room access the two storage spaces above.

Thank you for the

Thank you for the feedback.
Those are great modification suggestions for our 30-727 designs. This plan was originally created for property in the Pacific Northwest where most places can enjoy an open covered porch during the spring through the fall without the inconvenience of bugs. Screening in a covered porch is actually one of the popular modification requests made to our plans, and most often made in the field without redrafting that section of the plans.
While both of the above plans would require an able bodied resident, often times ADU's have building lot restrictions which can push living spaces upwards to allow for everything the homeowner is hoping for. Take a look at our plan 20-116 this is a single story ADU that could certainly house someone who was more limited with mobility.
Have a great evening!

This is an interesting plan,

This is an interesting plan, however a couple of minor modifications could provide much more useful space: the 'back' covered porch could be screened and/or glassed-in to make another 160 sq feet of living space ...three-season anyway. And at least one of the attic storage spaces could be provided with a narrow, or perhaps spiral staircase so the space could used for a bedroom.

Although both of these ADU plans (20-119 as well) are touted as 'senior friendly' that certainly isn't the case with 20-119 with its narrow stairway access only to the 2nd story apartment. And not really practical with 30-727 with its ladder-only access to storage lofts. Seniors housing should almost always be wheelchair friendly, on one level only, and not require the use of stairs or ladders.

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