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November 2018

Benefits of Building over Buying: The Personal Touch

6th Nov, 2018 | Filed under Articles, Blog

If there’s one thing most homebuyers find intimidating, it’s building a house. The planning, the project management, the contractors, the blueprints, the permits, the time… it can all become overwhelming.

“It’s the one thing that always gets my clients a bit bewildered,” said Rick McAlexander, CEO of Associated Designs, Inc. in Eugene, Ore. “They start thinking about all the little details and they get blindsided. But I always tell them, the benefits of building far outweigh all the other concerns they might have.”

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The reason for this is simple: Building a home takes away all the “if only” statements.

If only we had a breakfast bar. If only I had a bonus room for my arts and crafts projects. If only the living room didn’t have this wall separating it from the dining room. If only we had a three-car garage. If only the refrigerator wasn’t so close to the dishwasher. If only we had smart home technology. 

“It’s the what-ifs that get you in the end when you buy a pre-built house,” said McAlexander. “A pre-built house has it all done for you, but it may not have everything just the way you or your family want it.”

In other words, building your house from the ground up gives you the option to get personal. Here are three reasons why building a house has advantages over buying a house.

Incorporate new technology and energy efficiency

Homebuyers like to follow trends, especially when it comes to their lifestyle and energy usage.

When building a home from scratch, you can incorporate the best of technology. Prebuilt homes meet current building codes, but not all of them include that extra touch of efficiency and gadgetry. Some even have the basic idea in place but the implementation is a little off. This usually requires repairs, upgrades, and big-ticket maintenance issues.

Building your home allows you to put your ideas -- the ones that might seem too complicated -- to good use. If your preference is a high-tech computer system that keeps your house safe or a state-of-the-art home theater system with built-in wireless speakers, building your own home can put these into action from day one.

“Energy efficiency is a big one in today’s market,” said McAlexander. “Everything from solar panels to smart homes is on the table.”

According to, smart homes are forecast to be a $22 billion business in the U.S. by 2021. More and more homebuyers want to link their home security, entertainment, and energy systems into an automated app. 

Building your own home means you can put those items into the plan right away. You aren’t trying to fit it onto a home that doesn’t have all the wiring in place.

Add personal preferences and customization

Customization is a key benefit to building your own house. Choosing a floor plan and a design that has all the facets and amenities you want means that you aren’t trying to remodel an existing home later on.

“Remodeling a home is not a bad thing,” said McAlexander. “But it becomes a hardship when you begin to realize that the breakfast nook is in the wrong place you just bought off the market. Or the windows don’t bring in enough natural light.”

Choosing a design to build from scratch means you can work with the designer to add all the custom elements you prefer. The house ends up being exactly the way you want it, and you won’t need to update it for years if not decades.

Skip the housing market hunt

This might be the biggest benefit of them all. Why? Because choosing a home design and building from scratch means you don’t have to wade through piles of listings.

The market itself can be a harsh wakeup call on what is available and what is flying off the shelves. The moment you find a home you like, someone else nabs it first.

“It can be a real waste of time,” said McAlexander. “You are often disappointed, too. Going to a design firm, you meet with a designer, you talk through your ideas, what you want, the amenities and tech you prefer, and together you design the home of your dreams.”

Ultimately, building your own home is about building your dream home. Eliminating all the “if only” gets you closer and closer to that perfect home design.

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