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About Our Custom Scheduler

Associated Designs now gives you the ability to publish just the plan columns you choose, and plug them into your schedule as you see fit.

For instance, if only a certain style or size of home is appropriate for your readers, you can select just those plan columns and schedule them into your available run dates. Or, if you're running a special feature, say on swimming pools, you can find a plan column that includes a pool and run it in the same issue.

Here's how it works ...


Log In

If you haven't already, Log In. You will need to Create An Account if you don't already have one — this is how we keep track of your schedule. Only your email address and a password are required.


Search the Plans

From the Custom Schedule page, click on Search Columns. Then select your criteria and search for matching plans; or you can find a specific plan if you know the name or plan number.


Select Your Plan Columns

The Search Results display the artist's rendering and basic information for each plan. For more details and/or to schedule a plan column, click on the plan's image.

The Plan Profile shows the plan's graphics, narrative text, and complete specs. If you decide to schedule the plan column, just enter your run date; enter any notes that you would like to save for yourself or your staff; then click Add To Schedule. The plan column will be added to your Custom Schedule and saved for future reference.

If you decide not to schedule the plan column, you can return to your Previous Results, initiate a New Search, or go back to your Custom Schedule.


Refine Your schedule

You can always revise your Custom Schedule. Just click on a column's run date to go to its Plan Profile page; from there you can change the run date and notes, or remove the column from your schedule. You can also remove columns directly from the Custom Schedule using the check boxes.


Download Files

The Custom Schedule page works just like our Columns For Publication page. Simply click the buttons to view or download the files.

The files contain our standard Associated Designs Columns. The following files are available:

  • The narrative text for each plan, in plain text format.
  • The black & white art column, in pdf or tif format.
  • The black & white layout column, in pdf or tif format.
  • The color art column, in pdf or tif format.

The pdf files are press-quality resolution. The tif files are 600 pixels per inch, in bitmap mode (for the black & white columns) or CMYK mode (for the color columns).

Once your Custom Schedule is created, you or your staff can log in any time to download files or make changes to the schedule.

Help is Available

If you experience any difficulty or have any questions about the Custom Scheduler, please call our office at 800-634-0123 (M-F 9am-5pm PST) and we will be happy to talk you through the process.

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