The plans featured on AssociatedDesigns.com are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without a copyright release. We offer a variety of plan package options with varying permissions of use. For a complete outline of plan options and provided permissions review Plan Packages and Options on our Order Information page.


All drawings are produced on a computer with the utmost attention to detail. Plans by guest designers may be drawn in a style preferred in their region.


Plans specify sizes for doors, windows, fixtures, and so on, but we do not specify any manufacturer's products. The owner and builder may make product selections based on taste, budget, and availability.


Our plans do not include an estimate of the cost to build because costs vary widely by region and season. To estimate the cost of building a plan in your area we offer a 1-Set Study Package which provides you and your builder a complete set of the construction drawings (stamped not for construction) to estimate building costs.


Materials Lists are available for purchase on a limited number of our plans. Material Lists are created to prescribed industry standards and are interested as a technical guide and not as step-by-step instructions. Availability can be found on the plan detail page or inquire by calling (800) 634-0123.


Our plans are drawn to meet or exceed building codes in effect at the time and place they were drawn. Codes may include the IRC (International Residential Code), CABO (Council of American Building Officials) and/or UBC (Uniform Building Code). However, each state, county, and municipality has its own building codes, zoning requirements, ordinances, and building regulations. Your plan may need to be modified to comply with local requirements regarding snow loads, energy codes, soil and seismic conditions, and a wide range of other concerns. You may also need to obtain permits and inspections from local governments before and during construction. We strongly recommend that you consult with a local building professional and licensed engineer, as well as your local building code official, before applying for permits or beginning construction.


Because we have no control over your construction process, we cannot make any warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to the content or use of our plans, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability or of fitness for any particular purpose. We offer a variety of plan package options and formats to help accommodate the diversity within building practices and preferences. In addition to making sure that the plan package purchased meets your licensing needs (number of builds, need for modifications, etc.) it is recommended that you verify with your builder/contractor their needs for assisting you with your build.


Purchases made are in U.S. dollars.


Promotions, Sales, and Discounts may be offered for limited times and can be discontinued or extended at Associated Designs' discretion. Coupon codes must be added to the Cart during Checkout to be applied when ordering online or provided over the phone at the time of purchase. Discounts, Sales, and Promotional pricing are only valid on products sold through www.AssociatedDesigns.com and not through its vendors or partners. Discount, Sales, and Promotional pricing are not valid on modification services or quotes.

Plans are NOT returnable:

All offers are printed or electronically distributed in response to your order and due to the high reproducibility of our product we cannot accept returns for a full refund. Please carefully review the license agreement provided with each order as All Sales Are Final. Plan Packages can be upgraded at any time assuming that the number of builds provided in your order license has not been exceeded. If you are interested in upgrading your order call (800) 634-0123 or email info@associateddesigns.com with your original order information and request your upgrade pricing.


It is important to us that you are able to find a design that works with your lot and budget. If you find that you are unable to build the design that you have purchased give us a call. We offer modification services so we can help you customize any design. If plan modifications are not feasible, we do offer discounts on replacement designs.

Terms & Conditions, products, and pricing are subject to change without notice.