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About Home Plan Weekly

Associated Designs launched HomePlanWeekly as a more compact alternative to our full-feature home plan column. It was created in response to editors who told us that finding space for our standard column was sometimes challenging.

HomePlanWeekly doesn't replace our regular column, but it does offer editors another format for use when space is tight. To view available column formats, click on Download Columns. Or, if you're interested in seeing our classic column format, click on Go To Columns.

At Associated Designs, we know what we're doing, and have the expertise to do it well. Based in Eugene, Oregon, our staff has over 60 years of combined home design experience. Since 1990, we have provided a full range of plan services for homeowners, prospective homeowners, and contractors. All of our plans are computer drawn, with the utmost commitment to quality, accuracy, and functionality. All meet nationally recognized building codes at the time they are created.

Our experience in producing home design columns for newspaper publication is also extensive, going back to 1991. Associated Designs' standard weekly home design column is now published in more than 800 newspapers nationwide and in Canada. In order to satisfy such a broad range of readership, we offer a wide spectrum of styles, well suited to construction in a variety of locations.

Most of our pre-designed plans can be previewed from this website. To search and review plans, see Find a Plan.

Over 550 of our best plans are also available in a convenient catalog. A low-cost Review Plan can be ordered for any design, and full-blueprint Builder Packages are available in a variety of configurations. For more details, see Ordering Information.

Any of our pre-designed plans can also be modified to suit your particular needs. Custom designs, based on your specifications, are another of our specialties. For more information, see Modification Services.

Once a year, we publish a survey to get a sense of what Americans want in their home designs. Then we take the results and design plans to those specifications. Check out the latest Survey Results. You can also Fill Out Your Own Survey.

Any of our plans can be ordered online from this web site, or by phone, fax, or mail.

If we can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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