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About Our Columns for Publication

Associated Designs offers FREE home plan columns for publication, featuring a different home design each week. Our artwork is clean and attractive, and conforms to standard newspaper styles. Over 800 newspapers across the US and Canada publish our columns.

Two Types of Columns

Our art column is 6.33 x 9 inches (38 x 54 picas) and consists of the floor plan, artist's rendering and data block. The descriptive narrative is provided as a separate text file. Use this column as is, add text, or crop into pieces to create your own layout.
Our layout column is 6.33 x 10 inches (38 x 60 picas) and includes the floor plan, artist's rendering and data block, plus the narrative and headline in a finished layout. Use this column as-is for an instant feature.
Both types of columns are available in black and white line art, and full process color.
We provide high-quality electronic files created with industry-standard graphics software. The files are easy to use with most modern page layout programs, on either Mac or PC systems, and yield excellent quality printing.

Files Available for Download

At our Columns for Publication page, you can download:

  • The narrative text for each plan, in plain text format.
  • The black & white art column, in pdf or tif format.
  • The black & white layout column, in pdf or tif format.
  • The color art column, in pdf or tif format.

The pdf files are press-quality resolution. The tif files are 600 pixels per inch, in bitmap mode (for the black & white columns) or CMYK mode (for the color columns).

More Options Available to Subscribers

We offer additional files and delivery options when you Join Our Subscriber List, located to the right.
We can send you a free CD in the mail every month. The CD includes all the files available on our web site, plus:

  • A color layout column, in pdf and tif formats.
  • Eps format files for all the columns. These are vector-based files with all type converted to paths, so there's no need for fonts. These files can be scaled up or down with no loss of clarity.
  • The artist's renderings as separate files, in color, grayscale, and black & white bitmap modes.

We can also email files directly to you. Please contact us regarding which formats will work best for you.
We can also send you printed hard copies of the columns, delivered monthly via US mail. This option is limited to the black & white columns.
It's easy to subscribe and carries no obligation. Just Join Our Subscriber List, or give us a call.

Quality Home Designs

Associated Designs has a seasoned team of professional home designers with over 60 years of combined experience. Since 1990, we have produced thousands of designs for owner-builders, contractors, and developers. Our designs cover a huge range of styles and sizes, from modest starter homes, to larger family homes, to luxurious estate homes, to smart duplexes. All of our designs are produced on state-of-the-art design software with the utmost attention to detail, and meet nationally recognized building codes. We also conduct the Home from the Heart Survey every year to keep abreast of emerging trends in home design.

Reliable Service

Associated Designs has been supplying quality home plan columns to publications throughout North America for over 20 years. We have earned a reputation for consistent quality, and we've never missed a deadline. Our services are backed up with prompt, courteous personal support via phone or email.

It's All Free

All of the services described here are provided free of charge for interested publishers.

Have Questions Comments or Concerns?

Use our online form to Contact Us. If you prefer, call us toll free at (800) 634-0123 (9am-5pm Monday-Friday, Pacific time), or write us at Associated Designs, 1100 Jacobs Dr., Eugene, Oregon 97402-1983.

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