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October 2010

Construction Photos of the Pendleton 10-140

13th Oct, 2010 | Filed under Blog, Constructed Home Plans

Hexagonal Home Plan, Hexagonal House Plan, Pendleton 10-140, View Lot House Plan

We are very fortunate to get to follow the construction of our Pendleton home plan. Our client modified the original design to include a walk-out daylight basement for their downward sloping beautiful lake front property.

Our hexagonal home plans are designed to allow you to take in the view from every living area of the home. With 30 plans of varied sizes and styles you will find the best selection of this design style direct from Associated Designs. As with this client, we can modify the plan to suit how you live in your home and fully maximize your lot's potential.

The panoramic vista from the vaulted, hexagonal great room looks out over a wide railed deck that spans the entire rear of this contemporary home plan. Its kitchen has two peninsular counters, one with a raised eating bar. The vaulted owners' suite is well isolated from secondary bedrooms and their shared bathroom.

Thank you for purchasing our

Thank you for purchasing our Pendleton house plan! Building a new home is an exciting process, and we hope you enjoy it.
We don't have additional photos of this design to share at this time. If you have any questions, please know you are welcome to call and speak with one of our designers.
We would love to see photos of your home during the construction process as well as finished. 
Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to help you with your home plan needs!

Would love to see the

Would love to see the finished house, especially the Vaulted ceiling inside the house and where the walls stand from the kitchen to the bedrooms. I have just purchased this house plan with no changes. I have never seen the inside of this hexagon type of house. Seeing the photos of this house being built makes my venture so much more exciting. Will be starting this spring.

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