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February 2012

Photos of Completed Barrett 30-773

20th Feb, 2012 | Filed under Constructed Home Plans

We love it when our clients send us photographs to share of their home constructed! Such is the case not only in the finished home, but we were fortunate to get to follow the construction of this design as well.

Our clients started with the hexagonal Crestview as their starting point and begun making the changes that would make the home perfect not only for their idyllic lake side property, but also for themselves and how they lived. The outcome of the the changes became the Barrett 30-773. "We have had many positive comments on the house and are loving it".

We hope you enjoy the photo tour!

Exterior Walk Around

Main Floor Tour

Lower Level Tour


Absolutely beautiful. You are

Absolutely beautiful. You are an inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing.

[...] Take a tour of this

[...] Take a tour of this home completed! [...]

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