Granny Flats Gaining Popularity For Family Homes

Granny Flats Gaining Popularity For Family Homes

Older people are no longer being regulated to nursing and assisted living homes when they no longer want to live on their own. For many aging baby boomers, they are living with their adult children in their own places commonly referred to as Granny Flats.

Granny Flats, also known as Mother-in-Law Additions or Secondary Suites, are additions added to the main living space that allow older people a place to live and be close to their families. These additions can be built directly onto the home, or a builder can convert a garage into an apartment for the older relative. The flats usually have a master bedroom and a bathroom for the relative. Yet they can also be equipped with kitchens, living rooms and separate entrances.

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Kingsley 30-184

Cities across the country will have different restrictions for Granny Flats. Granny Flats may be a minimum of 400 square feet to a maximum of 800 square feet depending on the location and lot size. Other restrictions may involve lot size, height of the addition and number of permitted rooms.

The best way to consider if a Granny Flat would make the perfect place for your relative is to decide on what they will need to live there comfortably, and what changes you will have to incorporate for wheel chair accessibility and other mobility factors. Most people who have Granny Flats constructed have relatives who are self-sufficient enough to take care of themselves. If the elderly relative will need medical care and other needs, the addition will have to be designed to accommodate them as this factor can lead to higher building costs. You also must decide whether your family can handle seeing each other on a daily basis.

Lastly, you need to take into account your older relatives wishes. Having them involved in the decisions with the design, layout and even paint colors of the Granny Flats allows them to feel excited about moving in and welcome to have a place that is their own home that is close to their family.

Older people are living longer lives, enjoying their golden years while wishing they were closer to their families. People may consider a Granny Flat for their relatives so they can be close to their family and have the support they need from their loved ones for the remainder of their lives. Just plan ahead to ensure the addition meets all building requirements, and have your relatives involved in the process so they can be happy with the decision of moving in with you.

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