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August 2015

Starting The Process

24th Aug, 2015 | Filed under Blog, Under Construction

Hello, this is us, Rick and Debbie McAlexander owners of Associated Designs. Here we are on one of our favorite hikes at Tumalo Falls in Oregon.

We have begun the process of designing a new home for what we feel is a little piece of heaven on earth.

There is normally a view of Mt. Washington, Black Butte, 3 Fingered Jack, and Mt. Jefferson in the back ground, but right now we're choking in smoke from forest fires. I'll share the view again on a beautiful clear day.

While we undergo this adventure, we're living here:

A 50 year old, 800 sqare foot cabin that is on the property. Let's just say, it's rustic. Those times when I've taken care of far too many spiders for my liking, I mentally go to my hobby room or the kitchen in the new home.

We want to share the experience. The good and the challenging. 1,742 decisions already made, and only 5,831 decisions to go - haha!


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