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September 2015

Our Home - The Big Reveal

17th Sep, 2015 | Filed under Blog, Under Construction

The design started with wanting interior barn doors.

Tetherow 31-019, Craftsman House Plan

It's always interesting to me what sparks creativity. 

I said I wanted interior barn doors, and an extra large utility room so I could have a permanent sewing and crafting area to work in.

Tetherow 31-019, Craftsman House Plan

He said he wanted a single level home that was relaxed and easy to move around in. Oh, and within our budget.

We both wanted to take in the view, and to have a home that when someone came through the doors they were instantly comfortable.

Tetherow 31-019, Craftsman Floor Plan


So there it is, our future home. Single story, interior barn doors, relaxed, easy to move around in, my crafting area, and I will let you know how we did on budget later. 

The plan so far is to accent the home using reclaimed barn wood. We like rustic and imperfect. I know when it's all said and done, we'll have plenty of wrought iron, bubbled glass and I'm hoping for Amish hand planed hardwood floors.

Note the second set of barn doors on the entertainment center, yeah!

We spent time debating masonry fireplace or wood burning stove. The wood burning stove was the practical choice for a secondary heat source, but it was the dilemma of where to hang the Christmas stockings that was pulling me to the masonry fireplace. It was then I found an example of a wood burning stove with a barn wood beam mantle placed behind that made it easy to go back to the practical side of life.

Ah the kitchen. I LOVE THIS KITCHEN! I love to cook and try new recipes and the current accommodations of our cabin makes this quite challenging. This is the vision that allows me to maintain my sanity.

The building permit was applied for on Monday. Engineering of our construction documents was completed by Hill & Dale Engineering of Eugene Or. 

Rick salvaged several yards of gravel placed by the previous owner to construct a path to the river and has our building lot almost ready for excavation at the end of the month.




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