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January 2016

Progress Update

15th Jan, 2016 | Filed under Blog, Under Construction

I've been remiss in keeping up to date with our progress with the construction of our house.

Here's what's been going on:

Our foundation is ready to pour.

Of course, about two days after pouring the foundation it snowed. All of this was covered in huge blankets for a few weeks until the ground was able to warm up again. We've had several flurries since then too.

The under floor framing took place this week. I hope to have a few photos of that in a couple of days.


Remember the rustic cabin I mentioned previously? Well, while everything was covered in blankets, we decided to make the cabin a little less rustic. We ordered flooring to cover the "hardwood floors" that is the plywood under floor of the cabin. And because we were going to lay a new floor, we thought, might as well replace the cabinets. (See where this is going?) AND so we don't ruin the floors replacing a couple of windows we decided to throw that into the mix too.....All during the holiday season....what were we thinking?!?!?

As common with remodel, nothing ever goes as you hope. And the snowball just keeps getting bigger and bigger.....


Oh, did I mention that since we replaced windows, that lead to fixing the siding? This all started as a few simple upgrades to make this little place more comfortable! Such is life with remodeling.

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