5 Tiny yet Beautiful Room Ideas

5 Tiny yet Beautiful Room Ideas

Downsizing your home is sometimes necessary. In some cases, you’ve lost your home and need to move into a smaller space. In other situations, you might be tired of cleaning and maintaining such a large space and decide that living smaller is the best way to go. Regardless of how you get here, just know that many people find it hard to produce beautiful tiny room ideas. But this shouldn’t hold you back.

Instead of needlessly struggling, let us lend a helping hand. We have plenty of great ideas to help you get started. Whether you plan to install white shaker cabinets in your kitchen, or completely renovate your bedroom or bathroom, these ideas can help make this transition go much smoother.

So take a moment or two to review our five tiny yet beautiful room ideas below. And use them to make your small home look and feel like a gorgeous mansion!

1. Fill Your Home with Smaller Furniture

When you move into a smaller place, you often discover that your furniture is much too big for you new digs. So you can approach this move one of two ways.

You can cram your small apartment or tiny house with all of your large furniture and stuff. Or you can put it all for sale on eBay or Craigslist and use the money toward buying new or used smaller furniture. How you go about this is up to you.

By getting smaller furniture, you’ll feel like you have a lot more room to move and breathe. You’ll feel like the space has opened up for you now that it isn’t so cluttered. And you’ll feel much better about your home because you aren’t constantly bumping into the coffee table or sofa or other large furniture. The space becomes much more livable once you downsize your furniture.

2. Find Additional Space on Unused Surfaces

Most people complain that they don’t have enough space when living in a smaller home or apartment. But oftentimes they fail to utilize all of their existing space because they aren’t used to thinking outside the box. This has to change.

Take a walk through your home. What do you see? Most likely you’ve noticed untapped decorating space waiting for you to spruce it up.

Some examples of unused decorating space include: walls, window sills, baskets, storage bins, kitchen tables, dining tables, office desks, and more. Just remember that each home or apartment is unique. You may have available surfaces that no one else has, so look for them and use them to decorate your place.

has, so look for them and use them to decorate your place.

3. Replace Floor or Desk Lamps with Ceiling or Wall Mounted Options

Are you tired of running out of room on your cluttered desk? Are you sick of constantly tripping over your standing lamp on the floor because there just isn’t enough room for it? It’s time to get rid of these lamps altogether and upgrade to a better option.

What option? The best lighting option for small apartments and houses is wall mounted lamps or chandeliers hung from the ceiling.

They both make excellent choices for a few reasons. One, they don’t take up surface spaces. Two, they provide ample lighting for your rooms. And three, they eliminate clutter, which is what you’re undoubtedly striving for.


4. Take Advantage of All of Your Vertical Space

New tinier home occupants often overlook their vertical space. This is a big mistake because this space is perfect for storing your stuff and decorating your home. So don’t overlook these blank canvases.

For starters, vertical space is perfect for storing stuff. Do you need more room to store utensils? How about hanging hooks on the backs of cabinet doors and hanging them there? Have you run out of room for your pots and pans? You can also hang them on the backs of cabinet doors or hang them directly from the walls in your kitchen. While you’re at it, look for more space for extra storage and more places to decorate and we bet you’ll find plenty.

5. Add Large Rugs to Your Home

This tip will help provide the illusion of a bigger home/room. But it isn’t going to actually give you extra space. So add the biggest neutral rugs to your rooms and they will appear much larger than they are. It’s a simple trick of the eye but it works.

Bottom Line

Right now, you aren’t nearly as worried as you were regarding your smaller home. You now have the knowledge and information to decorate your tiny space and make it appear much bigger.

So use these suggestions to your benefit at your earliest convenience. Your small home or apartment will look gorgeously stunning in no time flat if you take our suggestions and run with them.




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