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January 2011

Construction Photos of the Crestview 10-532

11th Jan, 2011 | Filed under Blog, Constructed Home Plans

Take a tour of this home completed!

January 11, 2011

Construction is in the "home" stretch on the Crestview (also known as the Barrett) hexagonal design. The clients are hoping to make the big move in February. We hope the final phase of construction goes smoothly and look forward to the final walk-through.

August 17, 2010

A lot of progess has been accomplished during the summer on the Barrett (formally referred to as the Crestview). You can begin to see just how well the hexagonal core of this design is ideal to take in all the beauty of the views from every living space through out the home.

July 22, 2010

The Barrett is the new hexagonal home plan created from the modifications that our client made to the original design, the Crestview. This beautiful home is perfect for the river view lot on which it is being built.

Associated Designs can modify any of our home designs. Whether it's simply adding another bay to the garage or using the design as a basis to create an entirely new plan; we work with clients all over the country to create the home of their dreams. With us, you are working direct with the plans original designer and knowledgable staff who are available to answer your questions when you have them.

June 7, 2010

The main floor framing has begun on the Crestview. Here are current photos showing the garage taking shape.

May 17, 2005

The current progress of the construction on the Crestview shows the walk-out basement framing and main floor joists.

May 13, 2010

We are excited for the opportunity to watch the construction of our hexagonal Crestview design. The process began when Mr & Mrs B contacted us to modify the original design for their beautiful view property along a river. Revisions made were: reversing the plan, removed the loft, added a bay window at the great room, merged the office space with the owners' suite, added a guest suite and 3 car garage bay. The basement was customized to include a recreation room, bunk room, bedroom and shop area. The exterior was changed to include additional stone and wood elements. Check back to this blog often to watch the continued progress of this beautiful home. We invite you to post comments or ask questions along the way. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. B for providing us with photograhs!

[...] Such is the case not

[...] Such is the case not only in the finished home, but we were fortunate to get to follow the construction of this design as [...]

It's a great looking

It's a great looking development. Congratulations on the project.

Juliette Samuel

Client: The construction has

Client: The construction has been slowed by mother nature. We were north of the floods but have had rains about every other day.

Concerned... are you located

Concerned... are you located near the heavy rains and tragic flood event? Any damage?

The painted cement shingle

The painted cement shingle was recommended to us also. PA woodpeckers don't like cement either.

Mike, The plans indicate


The plans indicate stone veneer and cedar shingles for the exterior finishes. Those are elements that could be altered during construction without having to be represented on the actual blueprints. We'll have to continue watching the progress to see what they ultimately decided. If you have any further questions regarding the design or progress please let me know.

I forwarded your question to the client. He wanted to respond to you with, "we like the look of cedar but due to the damage caused by woodpeckers and the high maintenance required, we are going to go with the Hardie cement shingle. It is painted in the factory and woodpeckers don’t care for the cement taste".

exploring the idea of

exploring the idea of building crestview. Keep pictures coming. What did you decide on exterior? Cedar?

Looks great! Cant wait to see

Looks great! Cant wait to see it.

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